On special occasions, members of Oriel sometimes toast the college by saying “Floreat Oriel,” a Latin toast that means “May Oriel flourish.” Floreamus is a blog for current and former members of Oriel theology. (“Floreamus” means “May we flourish”.) It is a place where we can all continue to discus theology, philosophy, and our other intellectual interests in a sustained way even though we can’t all stay in Oxford. If other people on the internet find their way to the blog and want to join our conversation, great; but if not, then that’s fine too. Anyone is welcome to comment. If you are a current or former member of Oriel theology and would like posting privileges, ask.

Disclaimer: Floreamus is a personal blog that is not sponsored by or affiliated with Oriel College or the University of Oxford. The views expressed in posts and comments are those of their authors alone and should not be attributed to Oriel College or to the University of Oxford.


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